The singing of Spring

2 min readJul 2, 2021

At dawn, the sky is slightly bright
In sleep
Gradually awakened by the sounds of birds
For a while, I can’t sleep anymore

This is the voice of nature
Is the most primitive call from the depths of the soul
Refreshing and refreshing
Hold hands with the soul at once
Ferry to the depths of memory
That is the most primitive shore in life

The Spring Festival in March
I am fifteen or sixteen
Open the window sleepily
A breeze is blowing
Accompanied by the endless singing of birds

The dawn of dawn is coming
I can’t hide it anymore
The unforgettable but difficult hometown in my mind

It’s this time
There is an endless wave of wheat
Rapeseed flowers with golden sky
A jungle of verdant flowers and plants

An ordinary and quiet farmhouse
I was so pleasantly surprised that I opened the door gently
Three or five steps away is the smoke of a diligent mother
Walk down the stairs slowly
Grandma got up early too
From time to time I admire the sound of this insect Mashiko is so nice

Since high school, there are fewer and fewer days at home
Until before going to university
It feels the same every time at home
Spring blossoms, everything is revived
Everything is fresh and full of life
And never thought that people would get old and people would leave…

The year that has just passed
Living in another country
Suddenly heard the most natural sound deep in memory
Can’t sleep anymore
What can’t be returned is the most beautiful hometown deep in the soul…

The passing time drifts by with the water
The relatives who left slid down with the meteor
Everything is rolling forward, never stopped
I am very grateful that I am right now
Nowadays, even though he is getting numb
And the soul that can still be touched
Now that I get old with the years
And healthy and ordinary relatives…

The bird chirping faded away
The sun of dawn is about to shine all over the earth
It’s a new day, one season and one cycle every year

Cherish everything that nature gives life
Stay away from the fetters that bind the soul
Because this is live and life