The Peace of Mind

3 min readJul 2, 2021

People of different ages, different experiences, different experiences, and different cognitive levels will have different experiences. Regarding the past, those who feel stupid don’t need to care, and those who feel shrewd don’t need to care. After all, things are over. It is really regrettable that it is better to use lessons or experience to better move towards the future.

No one is perfect, no family is perfect, no nation or country is perfect, but all this does not stop individuals from pursuing beauty. In the world, apart from the basic needs of eating, drinking and sleeping, there is always something to pursue, otherwise there is no difference from animals. Comparing humans with animals does not degrade animals. All beings in the world are equal. With the enrichment of experience, the understanding of nature, life, and human itself has gradually become more profound. The behaviors of many animals make people feel ashamed, and the behaviors of many plants are even more breathtaking. Respect for all life, this is the basic requirement of respecting oneself and respecting mankind. Recalling the past, there have been countless people who have witnessed brutal killings of animals, and how many killings between people. And if you just look at the positive energy blindly, only the good ones, and ignore the bad ones, then the bad ones will surely repeat themselves, and more than once.

Peace of mind and peace of mind, everything you experience is a fateful arrangement. Regardless of high or low, regardless of birth, old age, sickness, or death, it is a trickle in the face of the long river transport. Even after a wave of contending with fate, it will at most rush out a tributary beside this long river, which cannot change the mainstream channel. Everything is conditioned emptiness, meeting is predestined gathering, and disagreement is predestined end. Don’t be persistent, don’t miss the gains and losses, all this is a natural arrangement, the course of fate.

All matter in the world, animate and non-living, and viviparous, is immortal, immortal, or increasing or decreasing. These laws are also the conclusions of common theories in physics. Modern science is also studying the higher-dimensional world of higher-dimensional life. Human perceptual knowledge is much beyond rational knowledge, and I believe that science and faith will complement each other in the near future, rather than the clear distinctions taught by certain societies. Birth, old age, sickness and death, joys and sorrows, joys, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, and joys. Only by knowing how to let go and be free and easy can you live well in this life, and if you have the next life, you will wait for the next life. Regarding the people encountered in this life, the things encountered, no matter how high or low, are good or bad, have their meanings. This is also consistent with the philosopher’s view that existence is reasonable. Don’t be attached, don’t stay attached, don’t complain about others, don’t blame yourself, and stay away from greed, anger, ignorance, and real freedom.

In short, be kind to others, never dispute with others, go with the flow, seek advantages and avoid disadvantages, maintain peace of mind, and practice all evils. Only when you have a clear conscience and a clear world at all times can you live well and live this life well.